Club Journalist Against Corruption

THE CLUB JOURNALISTS AGAINST CORRUPTION ASSOCIATION is a non-governmental organization, public benefit association registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice. It was founded on 16 April, 2004 by 25 journalists from national and regional electronic and print media and also lawyers.

In 2014 the organization celebrated 10 years since its creation with a series of events and initiatives. There were meetings in Sofia and the country and discussions on the future development of the association and its activities. The role of the Club in the recent history of Bulgaria was underlined and the vast amount of activity in the past period – the first realized anti-corruption information campaigns, the series of journalistic investigations broadcast as BNT reports, the joint projects with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Court, the National Institute of Justice funded by USAID, two projects jointly with OLAF, funded respectively by OPAC and the Hercule Programme of the European Commission, the series about the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office and judicial system funded by FIIAPP of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of which a series of films and visits were realized by the head of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Anti-Mafia of the Kingdom of Spain Javier Zaragoza and by the Chairman of the Specialized Court Javier Bermudez in Bulgaria. The projects were implemented with the aim of raising the awareness of citizens and preventing fraud and corruption. In 2013 the Club supported the EC anti-counterfeiting trade campaign /now President of the EP/ Antonio Tajani. A total 10,000 brochures for the campaign were distributed that were printed in Bulgarian language and a meeting with the management of the Club Journalists against Corruption was held during Mr. Tajani’s visit to Bulgaria.

The Chair of the Club Reneta Nikolova is a long-time television journalist, jurist, author and presenter of the program “We and the Law” elected as European journalist of the year 2007 in the ranking of the European Voice magazine by the group of Economist for her efforts to put corruption issues to the attention of politicians. Nikolova has been a long-standing associate member of the OLAF Communicators’ Network.

For the period of its activity, in different years the Association has signed memorandums of cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Center for Prevention and Countering Corruption and Organized Crime, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Justice, the National Insurance Institute, Transparency International and others.

The international contacts and the recognition of the organization’s activities are indisputable. Among the honorary members of the Club are the former US Ambassador Beyrle, the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, the former OLAF spokesman Alessandro Buttice and the Director of the European Federation of Journalists Renate Schroeder. Among the Deputy Chairmen of the organization are Dimitar Tanev, chairman of the Notary Chamber of the Republic of Bulgaria, Yavor Simov – journalist BNT, Vassil Chobanov, journalist and jurist –DeFakto Legal.
In 2018 the Club continues to develop its activities in pursuit of its main objectives – creating an atmosphere of intolerance to corruption and fraud with European funds. To achieve the objectives the Club will work with national and European institutions, as well as with related Bulgarian and foreign organizations. Among the ambitious goals of the organization is the search for opportunities for training young journalists in the field of anti-corruption and investigative journalism. Here we will work together with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ). Priority is also given to expanding the cooperation with the Center for Prevention and Counteraction to Money Laundering.