“Good morning to you all

Greetings to you all, and especially the members of OLAF’s anti-fraud communicators’ network, gathered in Rome for this seminar on the use of social networks and other modern means of communication with the public in the fight against fraud.

I congratulate you on the topic chosen by OLAF and the Guardia di Finanza, which I may say is an organisation that Italy can be proud of, both for its investigative and for its organizational skills. As Vice-President of the European Commission, I also consider it to be a powerful asset of the whole European Union.

As European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship I have decided, together with my colleague Michel Barnier, Commissioner for the Internal Market, to launch an information campaign directed at European citizens to warn them about the risks arising from the purchase of fake or counterfeit goods.

The campaign will be presented to you by Colonel Alessandro Butticè, who will be familiar to many of you as he created this network over ten years ago and has been its moving force ever since, and who today works with me at General Directorate for Enterprises and Industry.

For my part, I would like to thank you for the major efforts your organisations – in particular Customs, Police Forces and Judicial Authorities in all Member States of the European Union – make every day to fight this pernicious form of fraud: counterfeiting of industrial products.

I would also like to thank you in advance for the to support that you will give – in the spirit of mutual assistance that is so characteristic for your network – to maximise the dissemination of our information campaign through your websites and communication tools, including social media, an information campaign aimed at protecting not only our economies, our businesses and industries, but also – and above all – the health and safety of all our citizens.

From my side, I assure you that you can always depend upon my help and wholehearted support for your efforts to fight against counterfeiting of industrial products.

Thank you for your attention, have a productive seminar and I wish you all a good day”.

Rome, 24.4.2013